Every popular cultural phenomenon tends to be appropriated by ideologues; The Force Awakens is no different but its unique tale of resistance by a diverse group of quirky characters against an almighty authoritarian empire is what sets the space saga apart.

On August 28th 2014, over a dozen articles were published by gaming magazines with titles that can be summarized as “Gamers Are Dead.” On that same evening, I sent an email to Ben Kuchera, the Senior Editor of Polygon, one of the magazines that attacked gamers the most vehemently, hoping that a journalist that I didn’t know too much about, but liked his articles, could voice the concerns of gamers who were caught in the crossfire of trolls harassing people on one side and a group of radical ideologues on the other.

Crowdfunding has grown into a phenomenon over the past few years and it’s a trend that has helped many interesting and innovative projects get off the ground. Here’s how it works: An entrepreneur creates a video that showcases an idea or project and asks for financial help from the online community, at various commitment levels, […]

Industry publications love predicting the decline of the living room screen. Sure network television channels suffer from declining viewership, but the living room flat panel has never been more popular with audiences and, especially, advertisers. Even despite the proliferation of a myriad of media content playing devices. Declines for Networks Since the arrival of television […]

The Key to Understanding Google’s Robots It’s virtually impossible to avoid using Google as part of any marketing strategy. But as every business that uses Google knows, the rewards to be reaped from its services are huge yet dealing with the technology behemoth can be absolutely infuriating. This frustration with Google often reaches its crescendo […]

When optimizing a website for organic search there are several things to consider: 1. What keyword terms would ‘you prefer’ that your prospects type to find you? 2. What keyword terms are your competitors chasing? 3. What keywords have a high-ranking value or are trending? 4. What keywords and phrases are your prospects actually typing […]

Sharability. Reshare. Retweet. Likes. Inbound links. Page views. Social CRM. All of these digital metrics, and many more, when combined, can be described as “Big Data.”  Big Data is more than the latest tech meme. When mined and measured by marketing specialists and then translated into meaningful information that can be used to move a […]

UPDATE The day after the crowdfounded Ouya hit retail; the console’s launch could be considered a commercial success. Sold out at Gamestop and on Amazon in many countries, yet some shipping issues regarding the Kickstarter units could jeopardize Ouya’s future. Many early brand advocates have questioned Ouya’s apology about shipping their product: – why did […]

When comic book legend Stan Lee wrote, “With great power comes great responsibility,” he most likely did not imagine that in a mutant-free future this quote would perfectly summarize a phenomenon known as social engagement. Engagement through social media is a powerful way to reach an audience. And when your brand is armed with a […]