For curious minds and forward-seeking readers, here is a list of books that have shaped my viewpoint on the impact of technology on tomorrow.

After being offered a My Little Pony card for my Magic The Gathering deck, I’m exploring the card game’s weirdest Secret Lair Drops.

I’ve recently had the chance to look at the Tolkien-inspired cards and as cringeworthy as they are, I might incorporate a few in my deck.

I often see us as a pretentious species with amnesia, this is why visiting vestiges of forgotten civilizations is a noble humbling experience.

I am one of the crazy people who was talking about that weird Bitcoin thing no one understood before everyone became interested in it.

Even if I stopped playing MTG on a regular basis about 20 years ago, I still have that one white/red deck which could use some new cards.

Bitcoin 2022, the largest financial conference in the world just took place April 6-9, 2022 in beautiful Miami Beach, Florida.

Here’s a list of definitions to master and questions to ponder for Canadian companies curious about transitioning from fiat to crypto assets.

Taking a look at the current state of the Wall Street currently occupied by GME and DOGE insurrectionists and the future of retail investing.