It’s always fun and convivial to gather around a table and build a giant Lego set with friends and family, here are the perfect ones for this.

This is the first year after the pandemic SDCC is back to normal and the SAG-AFTRA strike didn’t make this Comic Con any less awesome.

This year is almost over so I’m looking back at the movies, video games, tv series, and much more that I have enjoyed the most in 2022.

With an ever-growing lineup, it can be hard for newcomers to know which movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are worth watching and which could be skipped.

Taking a look at the current state of the Wall Street currently occupied by GME and DOGE insurrectionists and the future of retail investing.

Netflix’s most humane show is a satire that follows the tribulations of former 90s celebrity, BoJack Horseman, an anthropomorphic horse and hasbeen actor, in his jaded search for happiness.

I’m a cord-cutter who doesn’t miss television as YouTube provides me with what traditional broadcasters don’t: compelling content relevant to my interests.

The recent fire of Notre Dame gave me the desire to reminisce about the magnificence of the place I used to spend hours in reflecting on life and reading.

Music is an universal language and in the words of the great Ella Fitzgerald: “It brings people closer together;” so here is a musical world tour for you.