After seeing way too many terrible rankings of StarWars movies I decided to add mine to the ever-growing list, from best to worst.

With an ever-growing lineup, it can be hard for newcomers to know which movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are worth watching and which could be skipped.

It’s always fun and convivial to gather around a table and build a giant Lego set with friends and family, here are the perfect ones for this.

This is the first year after the pandemic SDCC is back to normal and the SAG-AFTRA strike didn’t make this Comic Con any less awesome.

This year is almost over so I’m looking back at the movies, video games, tv series, and much more that I have enjoyed the most in 2022.

Taking a look at the current state of the Wall Street currently occupied by GME and DOGE insurrectionists and the future of retail investing.

Netflix’s most humane show is a satire that follows the tribulations of former 90s celebrity, BoJack Horseman, an anthropomorphic horse and hasbeen actor, in his jaded search for happiness.

I’m a cord-cutter who doesn’t miss television as YouTube provides me with what traditional broadcasters don’t: compelling content relevant to my interests.

The recent fire of Notre Dame gave me the desire to reminisce about the magnificence of the place I used to spend hours in reflecting on life and reading.