5 People Who Make The Internet A Better Place

We tend to put a spotlight on the worst the internet has to offer; so here’s a list highlighting positive and inspiring people who make the world wide web a better place.

Dave Rubin

In a time when echo-chambers have replaced debate, the host of The Rubin Report created an open space where discussing, exchanging, and challenging ideas is not only fostered but also encouraged.

It’s astounding how something as simple as sitting down and listening to a variety of opinions in an amicable setting can sound so subversive at times.

Where many talk show hosts, are using their guests as pawns to increase their audience or raise their social status, Dave always puts the guests forward and seems to have an authentic desire to understand their ideas and what are the rational behind them.

Too many times on the web debating ideas follows Godwin’s law and degenerate, rather quickly, into pointless arguments where no one is willing to genuinely listen to the other. This is why the internet needs more people like Dave Rubin to provide forums where ideas can be fully expressed before being unilaterally condemned.


No one on the internet embodies everything I love about video games and the gaming community more than KiteTales: her passionate love for the medium resonates in her entire body of work and the positive tone with which she expresses herself is very refreshing.

It’s always pleasant to watch someone share her passion instead of criticizing for the sake of criticizing; Sarah celebrates gaming and makes you want to play the games she’s talking about. This is way too rare that it needs to be highlighted and praised.

Like most gaming channel on YouTube, KiteTales’ features let’s plays and reviews but unlike many of them, several original very adorable shows like Amiibo Life and What a Character gave the channel a different vibe; when this is mixed with the positivity and fondness for games, the result is delightful.


Have you ever wondered who is the kindest-hearted person on the internet? Look no further; Boogie2988, as he is known on YouTube, is the soft-spoken giant that can be incredibly inspiring.

If the entertainer’s regular content is quite agreeable and fit for audiences of all ages, it’s when he opens his heart to talk about his personal life that Boogie strikes the chord that makes many of his viewers consider him more like a beloved family member and less like a popular YouTuber.

One of the most amazing things about Boogie is how whenever he addresses an issue affecting geek culture or the YouTube community, he always remains measured and levelheaded which often gives the clarity to understand people’s various positions without the brouhaha resulting from sterile screaming matches.

If everyone was a little more like Boogie the internet would be a much friendlier place.

Rahat Hossain

Behind the Magic of Rahat, the trickster most known for it’s magic pranks at restaurants’ drive-thrus, hides a benevolent wizard capable of making miracles happen.

When he isn’t brightening up the late night of fast-food workers, he’s been doing quite a few good deeds for the less fortunate people in his area; and for one of them, and with the complicity of the internet, he changed at least one person’s life forever.

I have the following sentence pinned on my twitter profile: “the internet is full of great people ready to laugh and care for each other; don’t let people taking themselves too seriously say otherwise.”

Rahat is one of these people and I’m convinced his good deeds will be emulated by many and lead to numerous charitable actions.

Fredrick Hotwheels Brennan

Hotwheels, as the mischievous channer crowd calls him, is one of the most polarizing and influential person on the internet when it comes to Freedom of Speech: in an age where censorship is rampant on social platforms, 8 Chan, Fredrick’s image board, is a safe heaven for what is deemed subversive by the politically correct diaspora.

For many years, 4 Chan has been considered as a decadent bastion of uncensored and unfiltered free speech, so when Christopher “Moot” Poole decided to antagonize a large portion of its userbase by forbidding discussion of certain topics and banishing whoever would emit a critical opinion on the matter, many flocked to seek refuge on Brennan’s online property.

Within a few weeks, the software engineer has become a champion and guarantor of the first amendment on his platform, and his wit has garnered him many supporters.

(Bonus) Anita Sarkeesian

It’s difficult to make a list of people who make the internet a better place without including the multi-level marketing scammer turned pseudo-academic and media critic in it. For those who don’t know who she is, the one that once claimed everything to be sexist and racist is the most successful troll on the internet, and I do not employ this term in any negative way.

Where Godfrey Elfwick and Milo Yiannopoulos are entertaining provocateurs, Anita has single-handedly succeeded with outrageous claims in showcasing the lack of journalistic integrity of, not only the gaming press, but also most mainstream outlets, the widespread bias and junk-science in entire fields of academia, as well as convincing the United Nations that, as criticism of her work is as severe as physical violence, censorship was imperative for the survival of democracy.

If it wasn’t for Anita, internet denizens would live in a complacent state where free speech is taken for granted; this is why, her online presence makes the internet a better place.