I’m a cord-cutter who doesn’t miss television as YouTube provides me with what traditional broadcasters don’t: compelling content relevant to my interests.

The recent fire of Notre Dame gave me the desire to reminisce about the magnificence of the place I used to spend hours in reflecting on life and reading.

A few years ago, I found out original xbox games had become quite affordable and some I had kept since university were pretty rare, so I started collecting.

Google’s video platform, which once upon a time was an Eldorado for content creators, finds itself in a precarious position due to a poor corporate vision.

Music is an universal language and in the words of the great Ella Fitzgerald: “It brings people closer together;” so here is a musical world tour for you.

To celebrate Canada’s birthday, I thought I would share with my friends from all around the world what makes my country so amazing to the Canadian I am.

It’s not a secret that I’m quite a fan of Lego bricks and have enjoyed quite a few sets in recent years; however, as prices rise and the StarWars line is getting more and more repetitive, what are the best sets on a budget that one can get and enjoy in Spring 2018.

Christmas is a good reminded that the best part of opening gifts is knowing that you’re getting something you want a get; something video game publishers are having a difficult time understanding.

As the year is slowly coming to close, here are five video games that I’ve really enjoyed in 2017 which, to me, is one of the best years in gaming with 1998 and 2007.