Real Life Loot Boxes Opening Christmas Edition

Christmas is a good reminded that the best part of opening gifts is knowing that you’re getting something you want a get; something video game publishers are having a difficult time understanding.

Cool & Unexpected Little Gifts

8Bitdo Controllers

Now I can finally play the MAME games on my Nvidia Shield the way they were meant to be played; with these retro controllers.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Cheap, sturdy, and easily rootable; this is a one powerful little tablet. I was looking to have one that I could keep in the living room; this is the one!

Mega Blocks/Construx

Not a super fan of the the Lego imitators but I do like their yearly Halo pack full of minifigures and the Kubos were an unexpected stocking stuffers.

Logitech MX Ergo

I love my old trackball which will reach the voting age in 2018, it was a gift from my college roommate, so it was time to get this new one.

Always Great to Get Games & Movies

GOTY, Imports, and a Couple of Preorders

The end of the year is perfect to get GOTY editions for the price of a season pass. It sucks that more and more GOTY come with DLC vouchers instead of having the content on the disc.

The Guilty Pleasures

It’s always good to get movies for Christmas, good ones, bad ones that are so bad they are good, and the ones you didn’t get to watch in theater. It’s good to have some guilty pleasures we can all enjoy together.

It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without Toys

A Few Very Good Lego Sets

2017 was a bit disappointing LEGO-wise with many overpriced sets that really didn’t have a compelling value; however, these three are really amazing.

Tacticool Foam Flinging

The Rival series has been the highlight of the Nerf creations this year. I’m super stoked to have gotten Phantom Corps variants; one of them is not available in the regular line.

Retro Gaming Galore

Xbox 1 Games for Xbox One

My original Xbox was a Christmas gift and I still have it! With time, games for it are becoming super cheap and with the prospect of the Xbox One backward compatibility expanding its catalog; there’s no reason why no to dive again in that console’s library.

Better than the SNES Mini

Nintendo fanboys will always find some asinine argument to explain why the Nintendo console is better than X or Y why making abstraction of its flaws: the Super Retro-Cade is better in every way and the AtGames Genesis can play original cartridges.