My Gear For Photography, Video Shooting & Streaming

A few people have asked me what necessary equipment I would have in a kit for taking photos, shooting videos, and streaming online while on a budget; so here is what gear is in my personal one.

Cameras & Lenses

These are the most expensive components of any kit but it’s also the most important ones. The best is the one that fits your need and you are the most comfortable with.

Canon Rebel T6i & Xs

I grew up on Canon and never had complaint with their DSLRs, so naturally I have a preference for these cameras. The best affordable option for recording video with a DLSR is the T6i which has the required features that allowed it to be used for streaming. I also have an older Rebel Xs which is great for photography.

18-55mm, 50mm, 10-18mm, 75-300mm

The best part of using a DSLR camera to shoot video is the ability to use the right lens for shooting the right subject. The stock 18-55mm is good all-around but an ultra-wide 10-18mm and a telephoto 75-300mm make life easier. The nifty 50mm is a lens with many perks that will make people using it, better photographers.