Why Did I Accept The Invitation To Speak At Winspiration Day Vancouver?

On May 6th 2018, I will have the humbling honor to speak at Winspiration Day Vancouver. I don’t really like to talk about myself in public so here are the few reasons that convinced me to share how and why I keep chasing my ludicrous dreams.

It‘s not about me; it’s for the people who’ve inspired me to keep chasing my dreams

When asked what theme could make Winspiration Day 2018 compelling, I shared that I am more enthralled by regular people doing extraordinary things to chase their dreams rather than extraordinary people talking about themselves. I explained how what has always inspired me was people I could relate to and explained how they helped me achieve some of my dreams; the small, the big, the crazy ones.

When I was asked if I would share my journey in public, I was hesitant at first. I don’t really like talking about myself; I’d rather talk about the people I find inspiring but when thinking about it, I realized that one of things all the people I look up to have in common is that they all have shared their dreams. So the best way I could pay homage to them is do the same and tell my story and share my journey towards living my dreams.

What Is Winspiration Day?

To paraphrase a Winspiration Day attendee, the wonderful people behind it understands the difference between motivation and inspiration. Winspiration is about celebrating everyone who wants to make the world a better place. It isn’t about creating something outside pulling you to take action; it is about sparking a driving feeling inside.

It Started In Germany In 2003

The first Winspiration Day conference was held by Wolfgang Sonnenburg, a very successful businessperson, convinced that the world would be a better place if each person gave themselves the opportunity to truly maximize their own talents. In early 2016, Wolfgang asked his friend, Bob Proctor of the Proctor Gallagher Institute, to reach out to his global network to turn Winspiration Day into a global event.

It’s Been In Vancouver Since 2016

One of the first people to respond to the call from the international inspirational icon was Doris Orr. Doris wanted Vancouver to be part of this global movement which has been inspiring communities across the globe to follow their dreams. Winspiration Vancouver brings about a feeling of ‘togetherness’ and optimism to our local community.

In 2018, Your Tomorrow Starts Today

This year Winspiration is inviting everyone to come and meet ordinary people doing extraordinary things; listen to how they are living their dreams. Dreams are the necessary starting point for change, for big change to happen! The event is held at the gorgeous Vancouver Rowing Club on the edge of our iconic Stanley Park. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Inspiring People Who Make Me Thrive To Be A Better Person

These are some of the people thanks to whom, I will stand in front of an audience and share my dreams and I couldn’t feel more fortunate than having the pleasure to have their path cross mine.

Doris Orr

Doris is the one who brought Winspiration Day to Vancouver, she is kindness personified. Behind her smile hides someone dedicated to empowering people and making a change for the better. I’m looking forward to more people discovering one of the most interesting and dedicated person I have ever met.

Wolfgang Sonnenburg

Wolfgang is the one who started Winspiration Day; I had the pleasure to meet him in January and his charisma and energy are awe-inspiring. His vision is pure and he genuinely cares about making the world a better place. As little as my contribution may be, I’m happy to be part of the movement he started.

Coleen Christie

I have never met someone as passionate for her craft as Coleen; she is one of the few people who can challenge me in ways that forces me to be a better person in order to respond to it. When Coleen speaks up, it is always to say something thoughtful and authentic; just for that, she is someone I have a tremendous respect for.

Phil Lucas (Choctaw)

My mentor, the person who taught me everything I know about storytelling and filmmaking. Phil was an expert craftsman who has influenced everyone who had the chance to have him as a teacher; he asked me questions that would take a lifelong to answer but are still guiding me in my journey.

The Five Books That Still Inspire Me In My Daily Life

Very often, when I was stuck in life, I found answers to my woes in books. I don’t read as much as I used to, but I wanted to share a few books that have changed me and that still to this day are giving the inspiration I need whenever cannot seem to be able to move forward.


The first time I read this book, I was stunned; never before had I read something by someone who seemed to understand what I was going through so well. The older I get the more I feel connected with Camus and the more his words speak to me.

A Brief History Of Time

This is the book that gave the grounding I needed in a time where I was asking many questions but couldn’t find a way to answer them. This book turns astrophysics into philosophy and poetry. Few books made feel like I belonged like this one.

The Republic

Truth to be told, I’m not a fan of Plato, I actually feel much closer to Aristotle and Socrates but undoubtedly none of their works come close to this magnum opus that has been so influential to so many. It is a surprisingly easy read considering when it was written.


If Plato’s work is a dream; Orwell’s tale is a nightmare; one that each day passing seem to become more and more a reality. This novel embodies everything I like about science-fiction: it’s philosophy accessible to everyone.

Atlas Shrugged

For years, I’ve been warned about that book; I was told not to read; that it was intellectual blasphemy. So I had to read it and I discovered a book that challenged my ideas and changed my viewpoint on a few things.

Visual Food For Thoughts

I’m a visual storyteller at heart, so video is a medium that is very dear to me. The two following videos are like comfort food for the mind; when I feel down, they always make me feel better.

Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen

For many graduates from my generation, Mary Schmich’s essay entitled “Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young” which was turned into a music video by Baz Luhrmann, has been tremendously influential in the way we see and try to experience life.

The Most Astounding Fact About The Universe

Yes astrophysics is very inspiring to me! In many ways, I find it to be the one discipline that bridges the gap between philosophy and empirical sciences. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a formidable educator whose words are always delightful to hear.