Some Of The Recently Released Lego Sets That Have Joined My Toy Box

It’s not a secret that I’m quite a fan of Lego bricks and have enjoyed quite a few sets in recent years; however, as prices rise and the StarWars line is getting more and more repetitive, what are the best sets on a budget that one can get and enjoy in Spring 2018.

BrickHeadz: Go Brick Me (41597)

I’m not a fan of the BrickHeadz line, I’m actually very disappointed that instead of innovating, Lego decided to copy MegaBloks and its Kubros line trying to cash in on the FunkoPop craze.

However, this is a great set: you can make and customize your own BrickHeadz character and the price per part is one of the best in recent memory.

The set has enough content to create 2 full BrickHeadz and the manual is a treasure trove of ideas when it comes to customization.