Five TV Series That Were Cancelled Before They Jumped The Shark

Not every tv show has the fortune to run for as long as The Simpsons have; many are cancelled in their prime before they get to jump the proverbial shark.


There was only one season and a half of the chronicle of a small town in Kansas surviving after a bunch of nuclear bombs are detonated in major US cities including the near-by Denver.

Why We Fight

A very tense episode with the dramatic loss of one of the main characters; it would have been tragic to end this series with it.

Veronica Mars

Three seasons and a movie showed us the struggle of a teenage detective in a socially divided town. This neo-noir show deserved so much more.

Silence of the Lamb

Babies switched at birth, serial killer, and threats to the family. This is a very eventful episode with the introduction of a beloved character.


This is the anti-Big Bang Theory; it’s an awesome comedy show about a geeky group of community college students of all walk of life. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

Remedial Chaos Theory

A great episode showing alternate timelines of the same premise in which the study group just have a little gathering. It’s such a complex episode yet it’s so fun.


How many shows do you know that came back from cancellation and had to find a mathematical theorem to solve the plot of an episode?

The Luck of the Fryrish

Where Jurassic Bark was just a glimpse of the implication of Fry’s disappearance, this one is the first time Fry realizes how much he’s been missing his family.


This is one of the most entertaining and most well written show in recent years; it’s a buddy cop show with a fake psychic.

Mr. Yin Presents

Probably the saddest episode of the comedy series; maybe that’s why it’s so compelling; a victory that feels so much like a loss.