Have A Blast Flinging Foam In A Tacticool Way With Nerf Guns

One of the coolest things about being an adult is being able to channel your inner child and play with toys you didn’t get to growing up like Nerf blasters.

Primary & Sidearm

Any good loadout has a primary and a sidearm; here are the ones I use most of the time.

Rival Khaos ($110 / Gift)

This is a kick ass blaster; yes it does have an oversized magazine but its round capacity is such that I’ve yet to have to change it during a Nerf war round.

Zombie Strike Hammershot ($35 / $20 / 45% Off)

This is the only Nerf revolver I could find that can be primed with the same hand holding it; very useful when carrying a flag. It also has a great round capacity.

Rival & Mega

These are my two favorite lines from look to performance they are the ones I like the most.

Rival Zeus ($80 / $25 / 70% Off)

I really enjoy the bullpup design of this blaster and even if it doesn’t provide the best usability experience for the price and the performance, I can’t really complain.

Mega Centurion ($90 / $45 / 50% Off)

The performance isn’t great, and the giganormous magazine isn’t great either, the priming mechanism is way oversized but this is one of the coolest looking blasters out there.

Mega Rotofury ($50 / $25 / 50% Off)

A very handing shotgun any Nerf aficionados should have in his/her arsenal; it has the second highest round capacity in the Mega line behind the monstrous Mastodon.

Elite & Modulus

I’m not really that interested in attachments as they don’t provide any real functionality so the Elite and Modulus lines are not really my go-to models but when I see a nicely priced one, I usually get it.

Elite Hyperfire ($80 / $45 / 45% Off)

Haters are gonna hate; I prefer this blaster to the Rapidstrike: as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not interested in attachments or modding. So right out the box, it’s a better blaster.

Elite Alpha Trooper ($50 / $15 / 70% Off)

A very simple pump-action, magazine-fed blaster; price was definitely a factor when I grabbed it. It’s pretty neat and has slam fire.

Modulus Battlescout ($110 / $25 / 80% Off)

This clip-fed blaster is far from being great but for the price I got it, it’s totally worth it: the camera shoots at 720p and can fit on any Nerf tacticool rail.

My Next Purchase

Nerf releases new models every year and as much as I would love to see a replacement for the Rapidstrike, I don’t see one coming out in the near future.

Rival Nemesis ($150)

Everything about the Rival Nemesis is ridiculous from its absolutely ludicrous round capacity that can be recharged like a paintball gun to its outrageous pricing; this is one I’m looking forward to put my hands on when it will be heavily discounted either on sale or clearance; until then, I’ll just enjoy the great blasters I already have.