6 Times In Recent Memory Meme Magic Made The World A Better Place

In a way too serious world, here are five times in the last few weeks, the internet using the power of meme magic brought levity into our daily lives.

A Penguin And His Waifu

Conquering the heart of internet users is quite easy: a cute animal and an unexpected friendship is all you need. In the case of the adorable crush developed by a friendly penguin towards a cardboard cutout of an anime character melted the internet’s heart.

A Twitter Story With A Twist

As much as Twitter is becoming less and less relevant, its short form nature is the ground for some truly interesting content and the most savvy users have utilized the platform to tell compelling stories that can even have a delightful twist.

Captain Kirk Is A 4chan Regular

The adage says never meet your heroes, what it doesn’t mention is that despite the myriad of disappointments one might put themselves through, once in a while, one of your childhood heroes turns out to be a regular on your favorite infamous image board.

Smug Wendy

With a very sharp sense of humor and repartee, the person or team in charge of the fast-food chain’s Twitter account has gained a devoted following and completely re-positioned the brand identity and turned Wendy into more than an icon, a bonafide meme.


When Shia LaBeouf started his #HeWillNotDivideUs, little did he know that his performance art exhibit would be taken as a challenge by the mischievous anons of 4chan and that his determination and their ingenuity would take things to the next level.

The Internet vs. DaddyOFive

When realizing modern Thénardiers were abusing their children for YouTube views, the internet community didn’t take it very kindly. After making sure the kids would be safe in their biological mother’s custody, memes embodying the situation were created.