My 5 Favorite Movies of 2017 In No Particular Order

As the year is slowly coming to close, here are five movies that I’ve really enjoyed in 2017; from comedy to science-fiction, several genres make the list.

The Babysitter

I love a good slasher movie and this Netflix original movie is fun beyond belief; it’s a mix between Stranger Things and Friday the 13th with a sense of humor which is a rarity these days; it’s great when a movie doesn’t take itself too seriously without crossing that line where it becomes too obvious and cheesy in a bad way.

Get Out

Here we have a completely unexpected really weird and fun thriller from the mind of Jordan Peele. It achieves a certain balance that is really rare for this kind of movie: it successfully plays with genre tropes in a way that’s quite reminiscent of Shaun of the Dead. The DVD/BluRay contains alternate endings that are very interesting and quite change the whole experience.

Kong Skull Island

I absolutely loved this B movie with a Hollywood budget; don’t expect Schindler’s List or the Godfather here; this is is pure and unapologetic schlock at its finest. It’s cheesy; it’s fun; it’s every a good action/adventure movie with giant monsters should be.

Blade Runner 2049

Here’s the sequel no one wanted about a cult classic no one saw in theaters that has been mangled over the year by its director. It is no surprise that the movie bombed at the box office; however, that it manages to be faithful to its predecessor while not falling into the Hollywood current trends swamp while outdoing the original in many ways is an accomplishment that needs to be praised.

War For The Planet Of The Apes

I’m a big fan from the original movie; would go as far as saying the 1968 masterpiece is my absolute favorite movie of all time. After cheesy sequels, an abysmal remake, and an underwhelming reboot; Dawn was one of the best surprises of 2014. War follows in Dawn’s footsteps and concludes Ceasar’s storyline. The movie might have the same flaws as Dawn but Andy Serkis’ performance alone makes once again this movie worth watching.