10 Outstanding Live Performances Spinning on My Playlist

A live performance is what separate a heavily manufactured product from a true artist; here are a few songs that are spinning non-stop on my playlist.

The Naked And Famous – Young Blood

(Live at The Lab) – I love that songs to begin with but performed like this, it feels younger, rawer, and more energetic.

Warpaint – Love is to Die

(Yours Truly Session) – One of my favorite bands right now; their live performances keep the eeriness that makes their sound so special.

Kiesza – Hideaway

(KISS Live Sessions) – This performance skyrocketed my esteem for Kiesza; I like this version way better than the studio one.

Birdy – Wings

(Live at Abbey Road) – It’s very enjoyable to see a new artist that can play and sing without a computer auto-tuning everything.

Tycho – A Walk

(Live on KEXP) – Electronica done right live is always a treat; it’s the perfect harmony between man and machine.

Portishead – Roads

(Live at The Roseland) – One of my favorite live performances of all time; a full symphonic orchestra taking trip-hop to a whole new level.

Hannah Georgas – Robotic

(CBC Music Session) – Not much to say: I just love this track and love this live performance better than an overproduced music video.

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals – Fix It

(Live at 3Voor12) – Live and acoustic go hand in hand; some performers are amazing at creating unforgettable intimate moments.

Florence & Dizzie Rascal – You Got The Dirtee Love

(Live at the Brit Awards) – In 2010, guests of honor, Jay Z and Lady Gaga, were outshined by their British counterparts.

Barnard College A Cappella Choir – Bitches Ain’t Shit

(Live at Columbia University) – Once in a while a performance is so weird and out of the ordinary that you have to fall in love with it.