The 10 Most Disappointing Games Of 2016

Despite great games like Overwatch and Pokémon GO being released, 2016 might be remembered as a year full of disappointments when it comes to video games. Most games on this list aren’t bad some of them are actually games I enjoyed playing; however, all of them have failed to live up their promises.

The truth is, I wanted to make a “Top 10” of the best games of the year but I couldn’t find enough that I thought were deserving of the title. For those wondering why Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare isn’t present on this list, I am currently playing through it and am enjoying it quite a lot; it’s far from being a bad game and is exactly like what I expect from a new iteration of the Call of Duty franchise so, it is what it is, but that isn’t what I would qualify as a disappointment.

Mafia III

This is the perfect example of a game I thouroughly enjoyed but the cliché social commentary was so over the top and the variety of missions so limited that completing the main story was the only thing that kept me playing.

Tom Clancy’s The Division

I preordered this game 3 years ago and within the first a couple of hours of gameplay, I realized this wasn’t a game for me. There is no skill required in The Division: the enemies don’t grow smarter as you level up, they just become more absorbant bullet sponges and that is it.

Dishonored 2

The original Dishonored was a game I liked but wasn’t the biggest fan of; so Dishonored 2 was a game that I hoped would improve on the original. Unfortunately, the game is painfully more of the same.

Homefront The Revolution

With a troubled development and being the sequel of a mediocre game, not much was expected from Homefront: The Revolution; but the game improvements on the original were too limited.

Quantum Break

The highly anticipated hybrid game and tv series from the creators of the beloved Alan Wake was a mind-bendingly boring game with unintuitive controls especially the cover mechanic.

Batman: Return to Arkham

I’m not a fan of HD remakes and this one is by far the worst I’ve seen; the games are great on their own but as remake, I cannot stop wondering how did it end up looking worse than the original?


Between the asinine comments from the studio director towards gamers to the feeling of playing a cheap Overwatch knock off; it is no wonder Battleborn failed both critically and commercially.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

What happens when EA let ideologues consult on a video game? They turn every character into homogenous and unlikeable vessels serving a very bland and stereotypical story.

Mighty No. 9

Fewer games have been delayed as long as the Keiji Inafune’s Kickstarted project. The one hyped as a spiritual successor to the beloved Megan Man was as cringeworthy as its trailer.

No Man’s Sky

This is the classic tale of a developer over-promising and under-delivering. Missing features and tedious gameplay are the highlights of this over-hyped colossal letdown.