What Collecting Games For The Original Xbox Taught Me About Its Library

A few years ago, I found out original xbox games had become quite affordable and some I had kept since university were pretty rare, so I started collecting.

One Of The Best Christmas Presents Ever!

I still have my original Xbox console; it was a Christmas gift from the girl I was dating in 2001. It was completely unexpected and at based on the cost at the time, she had been saving for a couple months to afford it; I’m still grateful about it.

Now I do have a second Xbox console; a few months ago, I saw a crystal one at a thrift store; I’ve seen Halo Green and Live Orange translucent consoles before but never one like that; so I bought it; it’s very similar to the original Xbox but has an 8GB hard-drive instead of the standard 6GB one.

Since, Phil Spencer has been put in charge of the Xbox division at Microsoft, I have been collecting games hoping he would bring backward compatibility to the Xbox ecosystem; I’m so glad he did!

The Duke

The original Xbox controller; beloved by Americans with big hands, hated by the rest of the world; so much so that the production of smaller controller had to be rushed.

S Controller

This is the controller most people remember and in many ways it is an outstanding controller that can fit the same numbers of memory cards as the duke.

Memory Card

Despite having an internal hard-drive, most Xbox owners got memory cards to take their saves to their friends’ houses. It’s a relic of the past.

Xbox Live

The Xbox brought online gaming to consoles in a big way; if LAN parties became popular thanks to Halo, Xbox Live took things to a whole new level.