Throwback To My Favorite Childhood GI Joe Action Figures

A late night Twitter conversation jolted my memory of some of my favorite GI Joe action figures I used to play when I was a kid; here are my favorites starting with the 3 3/4 figurines, moving to the vehicles, and the ending with the sets I wished I had.

G.I. Joe

I didn’t like GI Joe for its military aspect; I preferred the cool sci-fi design of the characters and their vehicles. I always found the GI Joes tamed and generic.


I love everything about this action figure: from the color scheme to the shape of the mold.

Snake Eyes

This is the first GI Joe my mom bought me. A ninja with a wolf; what’s not to love?


My grandpa braved the cold winter to buy it for me one day I was pretty sick.


I liked his uniform and I liked the drone it came with; I also appreciated the removable helmet.


This is one of the first figurines that came with a lot of accesories.


It’s a chunky troop carrier that is great to take the joes on little road trips.

Rolling Thunder

A peculiar looking vehicle; I liked it because it didn’t look like your regular military vehicle.

Phantom X-19

I love jet fighters and I love the ones that look like spaceships so this is awesome.


This wasn’t the biggest space set but I felt so lucky to have parents who could afford one.


I’m a big fan of the design of Cobra troops; they look so slick and my fondness of them has nothing to do with the tv show as you’ll notice the vast majority of my favorite action figures are nameless canon fodder.

Cobra Commander

That armor looked like an exo-skeleton; totally futuristic.

Alley Viper

It looks an urban ninja soldier; completely unpractical just so superfly.


The general design is pretty generic yet using a very appealing color scheme.

Heat Viper

It looks like something coming from the far future and looked so stylished.

Snow Serpent

One of the first action figures I got; I loved the colors and the mask was very appealing.

Buzz Roar

Probably the least practical vehicle on the list but it looks so funky and weird.


This Cobra vehicle is both a tank and troop transporter; very useful to go on missions.

Condor Z25

Who doesn’t like a fighter jet that looks like some kind of alien spaceship.

Night Raven

This was the closest toy that looked like the legendary Blackbird fighter jet and it was glorious.

The Big Ones I Always Wanted

These are the big sets we all dreamed of having but very few of us actually had them. I personally do not know anyone who, as a kid, owned any. For the Joe fans, I never was attracted to the enormous USS Flagg aircraft carrier; I always preferred the more sci-fi looking toys.

Mobile Command Center

This is the big GI Joe set that we all wished we had; every person I know made a cardboard ersatz of it.


The majestic and gigantic spaceship was heavily desired in the days when Challenger and Columbia launches were televised.

Silent Castle

This wasn’t a just a cool base something we all wanted to have to put our figurines and vehicles in.