Rogue One Is Another Mediocre Star Wars Prequel

Rogue One is everything you’d expect from a Star Wars prequel; this is not a compliment: its deep storytelling flaws and monotony outweigh the too few likeable things it has to offer. Fair warning: there are minor spoilers ahead.

A Troubled Production & Low Expectations

It’s difficult to look at Rogue One has a feature film without taking into consideration how the movie released is widely different than the one teased and the original screenwriter and director’s vision.

After viewing a first cut of the movie, Disney and Lucasfilm acknowledged tonality issues with the movie and hired a writer/director to do massive rewrites to such an extent that the reshoots took the length of the principal photography of most motion pictures.

This being public, lowered my expectations when it comes to Rogue One; it didn’t impact my overall view on the movie but annihilated any pre-release hype, I might have.

The Good

It Looks Like Star Wars

As always, from the death troopers to the storm trooper toy, the production design is stellar and a feast for the eyes.

Great Cast

All the actors in the movie are great the problem comes from the very poor material they have to work with.

Darth Vader

Despite not being a lot in the movie, the little screen time the iconic character has is an absolute treat.

The Bad

No Memorable Characters

If you want to know how memorable a movie is, ask people who’ve watched it what are the names of its main characters. Very few people who have seen Rogue One will be able to name the two pictured above.

It’s Boring And Bland

The main reason why Rogue One’s characters are not memorable is because they do not have any compelling story arc: all the characters and their plot lines are generic, boring, and flavourless.

Meaningless Fan Service

Like The Force Awakens, Rogue One is packed with cameos; however, here, the presence of obscure characters like Ponda Baba and Cornelius Evazan doesn’t bring anything to the movie.

The Ugly

Terrible CGI

If most of the special effects are good, CGI characters look fake and plastic; the virtual Grand Moff Tarkin doesn’t have the acting chops of Peter Cushing.

The Rebellion Are Bad Guys

Rogue One portrays the Rebel Alliance has a bunch of terrorists for whom the end justifies the means, the manipulation and assassination of innocents justified.

Horrible Writing

The vast majority of the film’s problems come from its abysmal, humorless, writing and its characters with no personality or development and jokes only coming from one character.