Anatomy Of My Old School Magic: The Gathering Deck

I've stopped playing Magic: The Gathering years ago and despite parting with most of them, I still have a deck which features cards from Beta to Visions.

Reasons Why The Third Console In My Living Room Isn't a Nintendo Wii U

The unexpected and refreshing Nvidia Shield is a featureful box with gaming and media streaming capabilities that overcome Nintendo's console shortcomings.

The 5 Video Game Remasters You Shouldn't Be Missing!

Here is a very short list of video games that have been remastered for the current generation of consoles; despite being great games these five haven't received the commercial success they deserved the first time around.

Taking a Look at Couch Co-Op Gaming Ecosystems

For those interested in what is the best gaming ecosystem for playing couch co-op, here's a summary, the good, and the bad about PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

10 Video Game Series In Dire Need of A Sequel Or A Reboot

Here is a list of video game series that either need to come back from a very long hiatus or take a little brake to start fresh.

Gaming Trends That Should Be Game Over

Here is a list of unwelcome gaming trends. If some of them can legitimately be excused; none of them should get a continue and all should be game over.

The Mood Boards Project

The mood boards project is a work in progress; an introspection designed to bring together masterpieces, people, places, and many other things inspiring me.

Ode to the Microsoft Zune: the Most Innovative Media Player

The underrated Microsoft Zune is often mocked by people who've never seen the device; yet the music lovers, lucky enough to have experienced the media player, fondly remember it for its groundbreaking ecosystem which was way ahead of its time.

TED Talks Praising The Positive Effects Of Video Games

Video games have a bad reputation: in the 80s, video games were supposed to make kids Satanists; in the 90s, mass killers; in the 2000s, sexists. A lot of people know about these pervasive and debunked myths yet very few know about all the ways video games engage with people and can make the world a better place.