Looking Back At Trailers That Made Us Watch Movies And Play Games

Trailers are like popcorn; at their best you cannot stop devouring until it's over and can't wait to have more. Here's a taste of the cream of the crop.

The 10 Most Disappointing Games Of 2016

Despite great games like Overwatch and Pokémon GO being released, 2016 might be remembered as a year full of disappointments when it comes to video games.

Reasons Why I Still Love the PlayStation Vita

A few months ago, I've written about the PlayStation Vita and why it failed but this time, I'd like to talk about the reasons making Sony's console a neat gaming system.

Anatomy Of My Old School Magic: The Gathering Deck

I've stopped playing Magic: The Gathering years ago and despite parting with most of them, I still have a deck which features cards from Beta to Visions.

Reasons Why The Third Console In My Living Room Isn't a Nintendo Wii U

The unexpected and refreshing Nvidia Shield is a featureful box with gaming and media streaming capabilities that overcome Nintendo's console shortcomings.

The 5 Video Game Remasters You Shouldn't Be Missing!

Here is a very short list of video games that have been remastered for the current generation of consoles; despite being great games these five haven't received the commercial success they deserved the first time around.

Taking a Look at Couch Co-Op Gaming Ecosystems

For those interested in what is the best gaming ecosystem for playing couch co-op, here's a summary, the good, and the bad about PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

10 Video Game Series In Dire Need of A Sequel Or A Reboot

Here is a list of video game series that either need to come back from a very long hiatus or take a little brake to start fresh.

Gaming Trends That Should Be Game Over

Here is a list of unwelcome gaming trends. If some of them can legitimately be excused; none of them should get a continue and all should be game over.