All The Games In Ubisoft's Far Cry Series Ranked!

Open-world and first-person shooters are two of my favorite video game genres, so it comes to no surprise that I tremendously enjoy Ubisoft's Far Cry series.

All The Games In The Assassin's Creed Series Ranked!

I'm a big fan of Ubisoft series which is regarded by many as the evolution of the beloved Prince of Persia series. There are many games in this series and here is a list of them from the very best to the worst (which is still a pretty good game).

A Basic Introduction To Arcade & Fight Sticks Modding

Being an old school gamer, I do enjoy using an arcade joystick when playing retro MAME games and modern fighting games featured at EVO events; unlike gamepads, they are very easy to mod and personalize. If that sounds interesting to you, here are what you need to know.

My Gear For Photography, Video Shooting & Streaming

A few people have asked me what necessary equipment I would have in a kit for taking photos, shooting videos, and streaming online while on a budget; so here is what gear is in my personal one.

Real Life Loot Boxes Opening Christmas Edition

Christmas is a good reminded that the best part of opening gifts is knowing that you're getting something you want a get; something video game publishers are having a difficult time understanding.

5 Trends The Gaming Industry Needs to Stop In 2018

Despite 2017 being one of the best years in gaming, several trends that took the spotlight in last 12 months need to get a game over as soon as possible.

My 5 Favorite Games of 2017 In No Particular Order

As the year is slowly coming to close, here are five video games that I've really enjoyed in 2017 which, to me, is one of the best years in gaming with 1998 and 2007.

Exclusives Are Making The PlayStation 4 This Year's Winner In The Console War

2017 is shaping up to be a great year in gaming with amazing experiences and new consoles being released; in this console war the PS4 seems to have the edge.

Have A Blast Flinging Foam In A Tacticool Way With Nerf Guns

One of the coolest things about being an adult is being able to channel your inner child and play with toys you didn't get to growing up like Nerf blasters.