The Best Recent Sci-Fi Movies You Haven't Seen

Here's a list of recent sci-fi movies that haven't met a popular success despite being absolutely enthralling and worth watching.

My Favorite TV Series, Movies, and Games of 2016

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Our Absolutely Stunning Trip To Fraser Island

It is a heritage-listed island located along the south-eastern coast of Queensland; North of Brisbane towards Hervey Bay and a ferry is needed to the island.

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Rogue One Is Another Mediocre Star Wars Prequel

Rogue One is everything you'd expect from a Star Wars prequel; this isn't a compliment as its flaws and monotony outweigh the good things it has to offer.

The Most Underrated Actor In Sci-Fi

When asked for an A-lister who's been in a half dozen sci-fi movies, considered for playing Neo in the Matrix, he's not the actor people are thinking about.

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#SpoilerAlert: Predictions For The End Of Game Of Thrones

As there is only a handful of Game of Thrones episodes left, I'm presenting you my conjectures and theories on how the George RR Martin series will end.