Why Did I Accept The Invitation to Speak At Winspiration Day Vancouver?

On May 6th 2018, I will have the humbling honor to speak at Winspiration Day Vancouver. I don't really like to talk about myself in public so here are the few reasons that convinced me to share how and why I keep chasing my ludicrous dreams.

Who Would Defend Me If I Was On Trial For Murder In A TV Show?

Something terribly wrong happened in the TV show I've been trapped in: I have been wrongfully accused of murder!  Which characters from what TV series are going to take my defense so I'm found innocent of the crime I've been framed  for.

My Gear For Photography, Video Shooting & Streaming

A few people have asked me what necessary equipment I would have in a kit for taking photos, shooting videos, and streaming online while on a budget; so here is what gear is in my personal one.

Remembering All The Awesome MP3 Players That Were Not Apple's iPod

Before we all carried miniaturized computers in our pockets, we all used to have a portable audio player; here are some of favorite old school MP3 players.

The 10 Classes Every Aspiring Learner Should Take In College

High school graduates are told that their college classes will define their future; it isn't true. Universities are a great place to forge a healthy mind.

The Very Mundane Weekends Of Internet Cats

What do internet cats do on the weekend? The same things we do... except with an increased lunacy level.

Looking Back At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Located an hour and a half away from Vancouver is the hidden treasure known as Harrison Hot Springs, an amazing place to replenish your energy.

The Life Lessons We Can Learn From Cats

Dog might be man's best friend but cats are undoubtedly what man should aspire to be; here are life lessons we can learn from our friends with velvet paws.

10 Ways To Identify Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are communications that attempt to acquire personal and sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, often for malevolent reasons, by masquerading as trustworthy and often familiar brands.