The 10 Classes Every Aspiring Learner Should Take In College

High school graduates are told that their college classes will define their future; it isn’t true. Universities are a great place to forge a healthy mind.

Don‘t feel guilty if you don’t know what to do with your life

The biggest lie told by parents to young graduates is that they need to think about what they want to do with their life. This put an incredible amount of pressure on people and the ones who aren’t very sure about it don’t feel whole and feel like they aren’t ready for it.

This is perfectly normal, choosing a career is something important but at the same time, there is nothing wrong about not knowing what one wants to do in life; many people change careers at different stages in life.

College is there to give you the building blocks that will help you later in life do what you want to do; it shouldn’t be looked at as a path contriving you to one single output.


These academic disciplines are very broad and unfortunately marred by pseudo-science and ideologically-driven nonsense but among them you can find enlightening courses that will help you grow as a person.


The best part of a philosophy course is to get the reasoning to questions we all think about but never dare to ask.

Techniques of Propaganda

The most useful class to learn to decrypt the world we live in and to recognize indoctrination when being faced with it.

Foreign Language

It is more than just learning a foreign language, it’s a visa to encounter and embrace a different culture.


Mens sana in corpore sano: a sound mind in a healthy body; the Arts are a really good way to elevate the mind and see things from different perspectives.

Art History

It’s a great window in seeing what inspire artists and what defined cultures and their different ways of seeing the world.


Everything we see in our daily life is heavily retouched; learning Photoshop is taking a peak behind the dream factory.


This is the oldest art form can help us structure something compelling in order to resonate with an audience.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

These are the fields of study for which objectivity and truth are the most important and in which subjectivity has no place being the most powerful when it comes to debunk flawed ideologies.

Evolutionary Biology

A lot of radical authoritarian ideologies will make claims that validate their own bias; evolutionary biology will help debunk the falsehoods about what we are.

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is in many ways like learning how to play with Lego bricks: it’s all about understanding how the elements composing our universe work together.

Coding Language

The same way having conversation in a foreign language can be rewarding, creating and sharing interactive applications provide an empowering feeling.

That One Special Class

The most important is never put your passions aside; no matter your field of study or your future career, don’t forget to take a class studying something that you are passionate and care about. These are the ones that will stick with you for years.

Astronomy – Astrophysics

For me, this was the course that answered a lot of the questions I was asking about Life and our place in the universe and this gave me the grounding I had been looking for.